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Malaysian-French Biometrics Seminar Background

Biometrics can be seen as an attractive solution to user authentication as the relationship between the authenticator and the user is very strong. It has become one of the well-known and reliable user authentication system as substitute to password-based authentication ones. Biometric techniques have been developed for a machine-based verification of the identity of a person. The use of biometric techniques, such as face, fingerprint, iris, ear and others is a solution for obtaining a secure personal authentication method.

Some of the biometric technology or device are being utilised in our everyday life whether we are aware or not.


For example:

(a) if we travel to foreign countries by plane, all major airports have now imposed biometric technology, such as iris recognition (as in United Kingdom (UK));

(b) in order to gain access into a building, it is now equipped with biometric system on a door/entrance, such as fingerprint technology;

(c) in a car, where it uses biometric technology with Bluetooth or entertainment systems to unlock a vehicle, such as voice recognition;

(d) in a blood banks, data of blood donors are being stored digitally, where donors are using biometric technology to access their essential information, such as fingerprint or iris recognition; and

(e) in an institution (school/college/university), besides gaining entry to a building, biometric data is also used for recording attendance, borrowing library books or even paying for meals.


Nonetheless, there are many more applications of biometric systems for other specific purposes.

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